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Class of 2019

Arthur Benington (Co-Youth Elder). Arthur was baptized at FPCNC in 2001; confirmed here in 2015. He has served as usher and greeter. He is a rising senior at New Canaan High School and plays football and is on the track team. He will be a counselor at Camp Playland this summer.

Tindley Gilbert (Congregational Life). Tindley and her husband, Huw, joined in 2016 upon moving to New Canaan. They have four children, Pryor (11), Emerson (8), Owens (6), and Hope (3). Tindley was baptized into the Presbyterian Church in 1976 in Deerfield, IL and sang in the youth choir as well as participated in numerous mission trips. She has since been a member of the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, IL (where Tindley and Huw were married) and Brick Presbyterian Church in New York, NY. She recently served on the Stewardship Committee and is an active volunteer within the New Canaan community.

John Lanaway (Stewardship). John and his wife, Janet, joined FPC in 2001. John has previously served as an Elder (Class of 2015) and occasionally serves as greeter, usher, cross bearer and communion officer. Past church work includes Task Force, Congregational Life, Mission (New Covenant House) and Stewardship committees. He has also served as a member of the Memorial Day BBQ committee (organized the Jeep Raffle), 2013 Mission Possible (organized the Fiat Raffle), and helps with the Abo Noktah family from Syria. He would also be a member of the Chess Club if we had one.

Lynn Quinn (Personnel). Lynn and her husband, Tom, joined FPC in 2001. Both their sons, Patrick (Youth Elder, Class of 2009) and Jackson were confirmed at FPC. Lynn was ordained as an elder on May 4, 2003, serving as Chair of Worship, Music and Arts, and Adult Education. She has helped organize greeters, communion officers, and special events, and the welcoming of the Abo Noktah family from Syria in 2016.

Kathleen Reeves (Co-Youth Elder). Kate made her Confirmation on June 7, 2015. As a member of MSYG and HSYG, she has participated in the Mission Trip to New Jersey and the 2016 Iona Pilgrimage. She has also helped lead HSYG Barn Time talks and assisted with Sunday’s Cool. Kate sang in the Cherub and Youth choirs, participating in many choir school musicals, and she has served as a cross bearer, reader, greeter and youth usher.

Jan Sulkowski (Nominating). Jan and her husband, Alex, joined FPC in 2003. Jan and Alex have three children: Julia (2016 confirmand), Nikolas (2018 confirmand) and Charles (age 10). Jan has previously served as a Deacon (Class of 2015), and Elder (class of 2017) and as a member of the Children’s Ministry Committee and Youth Committee.

Class of 2020

Lisa Gifford (Adult Education). Lisa and her husband, Andrew, began attending FPC in 2012 with their son, Max, who confirmed in May 2016. Lisa and Andrew joined the church on Max’s heels in June 2016. Lisa served as Elder for Congregational Life and is currently Elder for Adult Education. Andrew served on the Interim Pastor Search Committee.
Class of 2021 Jim Beall (Finance). Jim and his wife, Barbara, joined the FPC in 1983. Since that time, Jim has served as an Elder, a Deacon, member of a Pastor Nominating Committee, an usher, a greeter, a member of the Offertory Committee, chair of the Nominating Committee, Investment Committee chair and a pledge captain. He is currently acting chair of the Finance Committee and acting Church Administrator. Jim and Barbara have two grown sons who were both confirmed in the church.

George Benington (Bell Tower Society -2nd Term). George joined the church in 1981, and was on the Board of Deacons from 1991 through 1994. He has served on Session for the last three years where he Chairs the Bell Tower Society (Planned Giving). His wife, Patricia, and sons, Arthur (17) and Peter (14) are all active in the church.
Kevin Thomson (Member-At-Large -2nd Term). Kevin and his wife, Christina, joined the FPC in 2013. Since that time, Kevin has served as an Deacon, an Elder, and a member of the Advisory Committee. Kevin and Christina have two children, Oliver (5) and Alexa (3).


Class of 2019

Reid Dahill (Co-Youth Deacon). Reid joined FPCNC with his family in 2005 and was confirmed in 2015. He has served as a cross bearer, greeter and youth usher. Reid is a rising senior at New Canaan High School. He is co-captain of the NCHS Squash team and co-President of the Service League of Boys. He will be working in New Canaan this summer and pursuing his interest in photography with classes at ICP in NYC.

Tripp Ferguson (Co-Youth Deacon). Tripp made his Confirmation on June 7, 2015. He participated in the 2015 Union Beach, NJ Mission Trip, the 2016 Iona Pilgrimage, the 2017 Alaska Mission Trip, and has served as a cross bearer, greeter and youth usher. Tripp is a rising senior at New Canaan High School. He is a Wrestler and plays Lacrosse and Football; a member of SLOBS the Service League of Boys and is the incoming liaison for the Multiple Myeloma Run in June. He is looking forward to joining ROTC in college after graduation in 2019. Tripp will attend a Global Entrepreneurship Business Camp this summer at Lehigh University for 4 weeks.

Max Forte (Co-Youth Deacon). Max was baptized and made his Confirmation on June 7, 2015. He participated in the 2015 Union Beach, NJ Mission Trip. Max is a rising senior at New Canaan High School and is a thrower on their track team, participating in shot put and javelin. He is also a member of the Service League of Boys and is their liaison for the Schoolhouse Apartments, organizing birthday gifts to be delivered to the residents throughout the year. Max is about to start his second summer as a Counselor at the YMCA Sports Camp here in town.

Class of 2021

Barbara Dahill joined FPC in 2005, and her husband, Kevin, joined last year. They have three children, Emma (2013 confirmed, 2017 Youth Deacon), Jack (2013 confirmed, 2017 Youth Deacon), and Reid (2015 confirmed, 2018 Youth Deacon). She has served as greeter with her family, worked at the Memorial Day BBQ, and has been an active volunteer in the New Canaan community.

Linda Ferguson and her husband, Randy, joined FPC in 2002. Linda served as Chair of the Nominating Committee for the past 6 years. She has served as a cross bearer, lay reader, greeter, usher, and communion officer. She also served as a Pledge Captain, and is a member of the Membership Involvement Committee. Linda and Randy have three children: Taylor (2011 confirmed, 2014 Youth Elder), Katherine (2013 confirmed, 2017 Youth Elder) and Tripp (2015 confirmed, 2018 Youth Deacon). Linda and Randy participated in the Iona Pilgrimage Trip and Linda participated in the 2017 Mission Trip to Alaska.

Elizabeth Stuart (2nd term). Elizabeth and her husband, Lennox, joined FPC in 2001. Elizabeth and Lennox have three children: Hamilton (2014 confirmand) and Calvin (2018 confirmand) and Gordon (13). Elizabeth has previously served on the Congregational Life Committee and occasionally serves as greeter, cross bearer and lay reader. She is currently serving as Treasurer as well as Cards and Flowers for the Board of Deacons.

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