The belief that the people of God are called to be leaders is at the heart of the Presbyterian way. This commitment manifests itself in a style of “representative democracy” that is unique in the worldwide church. This representative democracy is embodied in the boards of the church: the Session and the Board of Deacons. The officers who serve on these boards have been identified for their gifts of leadership and a commitment to the life and ministry of this congregation and are elected to three-year terms by the congregation.


The Session 

John Lanaway, Co-Clerk of Session

Jennifer Van de Graaf, Co-Clerk of Session

Jim Beall, Finance

George Benington, Bell Tower Society

Linda Ferguson, Membership Involvement

Randy Ferguson, Personnel

Max Gifford, Youth Elder

Jennifer Gulden, Pastor Nominating Committee

Jan Lucie, Worship, Music and Arts

Charlie Robinson, Buildings and Grounds

Julia Sulkowski, Youth Elder

Kevin Thomson, Pastor Nominating Committee

Barbara Wentzel, Congregational Life

The Board of Deacons 

Elizabeth Stuart, Co-Moderator

Steve Van de Graaf, Co-Moderator

Peg Bull

Alex Carlson, Youth Deacon

Ben Dooley, Youth Deacon

Barbara Dahill

Karen Hanson

Donna Hill

Nancy LaBadie

Michelle LaBadie, Youth Deacon

Janet Lanaway

Nell Smith