The community at First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan is inclusive; families of all faiths, denominations and orientations are welcome. We also recognize that “family” means different things to different people, and we welcome families of all shapes and sizes at FPCNC.

Our Children’s Ministries’ mission is to glorify God by supporting families with children, from birth through 6th grade, in leading them to live spiritually, to love inclusively, to learn continuously, and to leave a legacy. As such we:

  • Provide each child with a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment
  • Provide an engaging curriculum for children ages 3 through 6th grade that encourages children to learn and remember the Bible stories
  • Cultivate a community where children feel comfortable asking questions, having doubts and knowing that all ideas are welcome
  • Create opportunities to foster lasting relationships with teachers, clergy and other church members

Our Youth Ministries serve youth from 6th grade through their senior year of high school and beyond, empowering them to live spiritually, to love inclusively, to learn continuously, and to leave a legacy. As such we:

  • Create an engaging space for youth to develop into young adults with a commitment to their spirituality who ask BIG questions about God, justice, and service.
  • Provide opportunities for further learning, including confirmation class, Bible studies, and more!
  • Enjoy fun fellowship-driven activities, where youth can connect with each other and develop lasting friendships
  • Serve our communities along the way!


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Curriculum Bags – What Are They? 

During the interim while we are searching for someone new to teach Sunday School and Children’s Worship, our children are invited to take curriculum bags from the sanctuary. Each bag consists of a month’s worth of lessons so you do not need to take one every time you are in worship, and it is okay if you miss a week! Each lesson has a Bible story, discussion questions, and an activity to explore the lesson and grow in their faith!