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Highlights of Presbytery

Attending the gathering of the Presbytery is an affirming and uplifting experience, because one sees the collegial interactions of clergy from throughout the region and witnesses the work and dedication of elders devoted to supporting congregations and the welfare of the larger Church.  Devotion to Christ permeates the language and actions of all participants as they attempt to faithfully follow the will of God in their deliberations and decisions.

In particular, during the meeting on May 5, the Presbytery joined in a prayer of thanksgiving for the life and work of the elders who had died during the previous year, including Charles Gulden, Ann Billings, Joseph Anderson, John Lawrence, Hudson Stoddard, Chester Billings, and Ann Depuy.

The Presbytery voted to approve:

  • The ordination of Shelly Donaldson and her installation as Associate Pastor to First Presbyterian Church, Stamford
  • The ordination of Andre Castillo and his installation as Associate Pastor to First Presbyterian Church, Greenwich
  • The terms of call for the Rev. Michael S. Piazza
  • The election of the Rev. Kibbie Laird to the Committee on Ministry
  • The election of Ellen Sisson to the Permanent Judicial Commission

In addition, Presbytery heard the first readings for the following policies: background checks for clergy, sexual misconduct, and child protection.


Armin Paul Thies

Commissioner to Presbytery


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