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Calling all lads and lassies!! 
Scottish Sunday is April 30, with Scottish activities leading up to the big day:

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Scottish Sunday: April 30th
The 44th Annual Scottish Heritage Service will be held on Sunday, April 30th. Join the festivities starting with a bagpipe procession at the beginning of the 10:00 service, grab some coffee and homemade shortbread in the back of the sanctuary and enjoy the Ceilidh featuring Scottish songs, harp and bagpipes. Follow the pipers to the Common Room for lunch immediately following the Ceilidh and try some haggis (or not)!
Bring something to share (plenty of non-haggis options) based on the first letter of your last name:

  • A-E bring cold cuts
  • F-J bring sliced bread and cheese
  • K-N bring salads (green, pasta, cole slaw, potato salad)
  • O-R bring fruit or dessert
  • S-V bring appetizers
  • W-Z bring condiments (mayo, mustard, pickles)

The FPCNC Scottish Committee will provide wine, Scottish beer and soft drinks. A wee donation is much appreciated to defray our costs (we must pay the piper after all). Monies leftover will be donated to the Deacons Fund.

Brought to you by
The FPCNC Scottish Heritage Committee
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