The community at First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan is inclusive; families of all faiths, denominations and orientations are welcome.

Our Children’s Ministries’ mission is to glorify God by supporting families with children, from birth through 7th grade, in leading them to live spiritually, to love inclusively, to learn continuously, and to leave a legacy. As such we:

  • Provide each child with a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment
  • Provide an engaging curriculum for children ages 3 through 7th grade that encourages children to learn and remember the Bible stories
  • Cultivate a community where children feel comfortable asking questions, having doubts and knowing that all ideas are welcome
  • Create opportunities to foster lasting relationships with teachers, clergy and other church members



What Is It?

FPC 3D Children’s Ministry is a new approach to engaging and nurturing the spiritual lives of the young people in our congregation.  The 3 “D”s of the program stand for discover, dig in and dream!

Tell me more about those 3 “Ds”

Each week, we will have a special guest presenta a skill, talent, passion, or hobby to our young people.  We will discover something new!  Next we will dig in further, hearing a scripture passage, and trying out an activity based on the presentation, or engaging in deeper conversation with the presenter (grades 5 to 7 will be dismissedto the Tate Barn with the special guest).  Finally we will be encouraged to dream, to imagine what we might do with our experience and to talk about it with our families.

What about worship?

In addition, one Sunday a month the young people will remain in worship with their families for the whole service.  There will be activities for them to do, but we strongly feel that part of learning and growing in this community means being a part of worship, too.

What about music?

Music will also be an integral part of the Sunday morning program; at least once a month, we will sing together (often led by volunteer students, we hope) as part of the day’s activities.

Anything else?

Yes!  Some Sundays we may have a program that occurs off campus (perhaps a hike, or a trip to a special location).  We will still “check in” with the congregation from our remote location (via our new, improved, wireless technology in the Sanctuary) and if your family doesn’t want to, or isn’t able to make the trip, there will still be worship bags available if attending worship on campus is preferred.

Feel free to reach out to Rev. Chris Tate via email at or phone 203.829.1336

Click here for information about 8th Grade Confirmation

For Younger Children & Babies  – A Warm & Caring Environment
Childcare is available every Sunday beginning at 9:15am. Infants and toddlers are cared for by trained childcare professionals. We know how hard it is for little ones to be in new surroundings, so we have the same two caregivers each week. Parents are more than welcome to stay with their children until everyone feels comfortable.

Would you like to be a Special Guest? Contact Erika Hagan at, or  Request the Sign-up link here