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18 Youth and Chaperones from FPC went on a summer mission trip to Providence, RI, from June 25th – June 30th.  They volunteered their time and labor at the Providence Rescue Mission – completely refinishing a wood floor, stocking and handing out food at a food pantry, cleaning and upgrading a coffee kiosk to bring it up to code for business (a BBQ joint called “Holy Smokes”), and attending worship and sleeping at a church down the street.

This Mission was through Praying Pelican Missions.

Our Youth Groups do two Summer Mission Trips a year – one domestic road trip, and one larger international trip.  For more information on our Mission Trips, click HERE.

Would you like to help sponsor our Youth Mission work?  Become a “shareholder” and buy “stock” in the Youth Mission Trips!  Donations are tax-deductible, and shareholders receive daily e-mail updates while the group is traveling.  Click HERE to donate!

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