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What do our youth do on their Mission Trip to Union Beach?  Check out this snapshot of Day 4 from this summer, 2016!

(words and photos by chaperone Chris Dooley)


The kids are getting so much out of this trip and are having such a wonderful time together.

The kids had a good day at the site yesterday.  On the large back deck, the previous contractor used nails to secure 
the decking material, but the nail heads were all popping up which could cut the homeowners feet easily.  
So the kids pried out all 1,000 nails from the deck floor, so they could be replaced with screws.  By the
end of the day the boys used screw guns to install over half the deck's screws.

image5  image1

In addition the kids finished staining the front porch and cleaned up all the garbage in the front yard.  
To top it off, the girls had the idea to redo the landscaping in the front yard.  The home owners were excited about
the idea.  We went to Lowes and spoke with the manager who gave us an incredible deal. We bought $300 worth of plants 
for $60! It was amazing that a big retailer like Lowes made this type of donation to help us out!  


Our MSYG and HSYG go on domestic and international Mission Trips every summer!  
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