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We love Ann

Ann Depuy was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS in early 2013. She has been slowly progressing through the disease and has since far exceeded the general life expectancy of someone with the same affliction. This is great news for her and all who love her but it does not come without its problems.

A full time aide who specializes in ALS patients with a tracheostomy is now required. Needless to say this sort of care is expensive and the family is already stretched after 2 years of care and hospital visits.

Ann DepuyThe family is reaching out to loved ones, friends, family, strangers, anyone who can find it in their heart to help them keep Ann happy and healthy while she continues to fight this affliction.

For updates about Ann and ways to help, visit:

To donate to Ann’s care:

Send checks (noted for Ann’s benefit) payable to:  The Needs Clearing House, P.O. Box 7621, Greenwich, CT 06836

or visit:  or

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