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Update from the Pastor Nominating Committee, March 2020

Our church’s Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was established late in December. We began meeting early January and have since been convening 2-4 times per month. Our process included the following summarized steps.


  • PNC training session under the guidance of Presbytery and church liaison. 
  • Vision & Mission updates to be included with our Ministry Information Form (MIF)
  • Initial drafting of MIF leader characteristics


  • Initial Drafts of narrative questions for candidates
  • Church statistics collected and verified
  • Draft review by Presbytery and church liaison; revisions
  • Final drafting for Approval by Session
  • Session approval of MIF


  • Approval of MIF by Presbytery Committee on Ministry
  • MIF loaded into Church Leadership Connection website
  • First 15 candidates responded to our posting
  • Teams reviewed the applicant’s forms, online sermons, and media profiles
  • Applicants reviewed by teams
    • 4 candidates of considerable interest at this point
  • All applicants received notification from the PNC that we gratefully received their applications

 We expect further applications to arrive over time. Given the current national and global uncertainties (yes, we had overseas applicant(s)) it is difficult to forecast the final number of applicants we may see. This first round had the quality we hoped for, but the quantity is below historical norms for obvious reasons.

Lastly and importantly, you may be asking: “What can I do to help?” Always begin with prayer. Next to that, if you know of a great potential pastor, or know somebody who knows one, we would love to hear from you! We have already had a couple of candidates suggested that we will be eagerly following up with.


The Pastor Nominating Committee

PNC Member Photos

Scott Beyer
Peg Bull
Cindy Graziano
Jennifer Gulden
Howard Palmer
Bob Spangler
Sherry Tate
Kevin Thomson

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