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Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

Taught by Rev. Mary Marple Thies

Beginning Tuesday, November 7 – December 12, 11:00 – 12:30 in the Common Room

How do you understand the two accounts of creation in Genesis? Why didn’t Adam and Eve die when they ate the forbidden fruit? What do you do with the anger of God which wipes out most of humanity in the flood? Why do we Christians even care about Abraham and Sarah and their infertility problem?

Genesis is a book of new beginnings at various stages in Israel’s early existence, but even more, it is a book of God’s promises to God’s people and to all peoples. The roots of all the rest of scripture are planted deep in Genesis; it is not only a book of beginning, it is the beginning of our understanding of God and ourselves in relation to God. So, come, explore with us these beginnings.

Genesis Reading List:

Week 1, 11/7 “Creation and Rebellion” (Genesis 1-4:16)

Week 2, 11/14 “Noah and Babel: God’s response to rebellion” (Genesis 4:17-11:26)

Week 3, 11/21 “Abram’s Call and God’s Covenant” (Genesis 11:27-15)

Week 4, 11/28 “Hagar and Ishmael; Sign of the Covenant; the Promise of a Son” (Genesis 16-18)

Week 5, 12/5 “Gerar; Hagar and Ishmael, continued; the Birth of Isaac” *Genesis 20-21*); *We will not study Genesis 19 since we did so Spring 2017

Week 6, 12/12 “Isaac stories” (Genesis 22-25:18)

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