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Our glorious Easter Sunday morning worship services are complete, but the season of Easter is in full swing. Far from being just a single day, Easter is a season of seven Sundays in which we celebrate Christ’s victory over death, the new world being born by the power of God, and our place in it as God’s new humanity.  These seven Sundays and beyond, we explore what it means to be a resurrection people, how we are to walk in newness of life, loving our neighbor as our self, witnessing to the world by the way that we live of the dawn of God’s new age of love, justice, and peace.

After that first Easter day, the followers of Jesus got on the move. The presence of the risen Lord transformed them from a frightened, discouraged, grieving lot into brave, hopeful, loving bearers of good news – which they could not and would not stop talking about.  What happened was that Good Friday people became Easter people who lived out the rest of their days in the full confidence that there was nothing to fear, no darkness so dark, no threat so dire, no death so deadly to hold them back.

On the fiftieth day, our Easter celebration culminates in the Day of Pentecost, when God gave the gift of the Holy Spirit to make us one community of faith and empower our witness to the resurrection. We are an Easter people – come and join us for worship during these great fifty days.  2012-04-08 08.06.04

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