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Dear Members & Friends,

A refugee by definition is one who is persecuted or has a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, politics, religion, or ethnic group. Today there are over four million Syrian refugees alone, who have fled their homeland due to war and persecution, their homes and cities and the way of life they once knew, destroyed. Just yesterday a helicopter dropped containers of toxic gas on the town of Saraqeb, effecting the lives of mainly women and children.

Imagine fleeing such a life, and then finding a safe haven, a place of welcome, a Biblical and Christ-like hospitality, where you and your family can seek to live the life that God intends. On August 16th, our two churches working together – First Presbyterian of New Canaan and First Presbyterian of Stamford (the Fish Church!) – will be welcoming a Syrian family of 6. The father is 39, the mother is 35, the daughters are 12 and 5, and the sons are 11 and 10. We will share more information about the family as it becomes known.

The family will live in Stamford, a three bed-room apartment search is on. Our congregation continues to gather furniture and household items. We will need drivers and leads on Arabic translators, but most of all we covet your prayers – prayers for a safe journey for this family that has lost so much and from whom we have so much to gain; and prayers for their new life here in this great nation which has always opened its doors to “the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 

Special thanks to Lynn Quinn, Scott Beyer, and Glenn Mierendorf for guiding our committee’s work, and to our entire list of volunteers: Bob Caird, Elaine Foster, John Lanaway, Mary Thies, Robin Lewis, Spencer & Michael Reeves, Tom Nissley, Sarah Robinson, Bob & Belinda Reany, Laurel & Brian Carlson, Denise Riehl, Linda Martin, Ruth Laird, Mavis & Solomon Asare, George & Patricia Benington, Donna & David & Brendan Hill, Jennifer & Steve Van de Graaf, Wendy Stahl, Kristen Rodgers, Caroline Turpin, Peg Bull, Carole Clarkson, Damon Kelliher & Christine Mangone, Kevin & Constanze Sheridan, Martha Venter, Loraine Felton, Kate Heichler, Marian Wulffleff, Elsbeth Johnson, Kane White, George Post, Nell & Roger Smith, Rose-Scott Rothbart, Chan Koo & Grace Chung, Whitney Gulden, Barbara Wentzel, Ruth Witt, Connie Musa, and Dede Trefts McEvoy.


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