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“Farminary: Seeking Faith in an Exhausted World”  We live in a world grappling with multiple fatigues: environmental fatigue, pandemic fatigue, screen fatigue, activism fatigue, politics fatigue. And all these fatigues interconnect. Does our faith have anything to say in the face of such exhaustion? Does Christian faith connect meaningfully with an exhausted creation (humans included)? The Farminary at Princeton Theological Seminary provides space for wrestling with these questions by integrating theological education with small-scale, regenerative agriculture at the seminary’s 21-acre farm. This session will both introduce the Farminary and wrestle a bit with the question of faith in an exhausted world.

Nathan Stucky serves as Director of the Farminary Project at Princeton Theological Seminary. He grew up on a farm in Kansas where his love for Christian faith and agriculture first took root. After earning a BA in Music from Bethel College (KS), Stucky spent six years doing ecumenical youth ministry on the eastern shore of Maryland, and two years farming back in Kansas. After farming, Stucky earned an MDiv and a PhD (Practical Theology, Christian Education and Formation) from Princeton Theological Seminary. His scholarship explores questions of land, ecology, theology, agriculture, justice, joy, and Sabbath as they relate to theological education. He is the author of Wrestling with Rest: Inviting Youth to Discover the Gift of Sabbath. Ordained in the Mennonite Church (USA), Stucky engages Farminary work as integral to his calling to teaching ministry.  Child Care will be provided.  If you haven’t RSVP’d, no problem, please come and join us.

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