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On February 8, Rev. Carol Howard Merritt traveled to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary to receive the 2020 Distinguished Alumna Award, for her important service to the church. The alumni board stated that they selected Carol because as an “award-winning author, Carol’s books, blog posts, and articles offer deep insight on ministry in the twenty-first century and make a prophetic challenge to the church in our time. She demonstrates a courageous spirit, deep commitment to justice, and compassion for the marginalized.”
The liturgist and hymnwriter, Rev. David Gambrell, paid tribute to Carol at the Award Ceremony, saying:
“Author of several award-winning books.Contributor to countless others. Preacher, podcaster, public theologian, peripatetic conference leader. Prolific columnist for the Christian Century. Pastor to congregations.
Thanks be to God for the voice of Carol Howard Merritt. twisting thought into sound, transcribing suffering into words, keeping record of these days. Ministering to the Missing Generation, Reframing Hope, Healing Spiritual Wounds. Singing I Am Mary, bearing witness to the resurrection, hope born again and again.”  
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