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Dove Program – A Success! Our DOVE tree started as a pretty little lighted tree with not a dove to be seen but by December 20 the tree had few branches empty. A large flock had landed!  Thanks to all who donated either virtually and directly to Person to Person or to our church.  One check for $3,520 from FPCNC was sent to Person to Person for 70 families to receive a food gift card of $50.00.  It is estimated that 480,000 people in Connecticut are food insecure. While you may think that one donation can’t make a dent, it does! A child will have a meal on Christmas Eve, funds are available for a family in an emergency situation this winter, or a senior will have food delivered to their door on Christmas morning. Thank you for your support! The Dove Team.

For more information, please contact the church office, Cindy Graziano, Jim Ely, or Bob Spangler.

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