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Pentecost Sunday

We remember that your church was born in wind and fire,

Not to sweep us heavenward like a presumptuous tower,

But to guide us down the dusty roads of this world

So that we may lift up the downcast, heal the broken,

Reconcile what is lost, and bring peace amidst unrest.

                                                                                                                                Garth House

                This Sunday we celebrate the Day of Pentecost, God’s gift of Holy Spirit which draws us together as one people, helps us comprehend what God is doing in the world, and empowers us to proclaim, in word and deed, God’s plan of lifting up the downcast, healing the broken, bringing peace, and reconciling all people in the name of Christ.

The Day of Pentecost is the climax of the Great Fifty Days of Easter, celebrating as it does the gift of the Spirit to the body of Christ – the church.  Join us this Sunday for worship.  Wear red – symbol of the flames of the Spirit.  We will celebrate the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper and on this birth day for the church – we shall eat cake!


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