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Dear Friends,

Mike Handler, the Director of Emergency Management in New Canaan, has urged church leaders to take the lead in encouraging people to not gather in groups. So, we will not be holding in-person services this Sunday. Spencer Reeves will be running a livestream of the service through Zoom.
Rev. Kathryn Kibbie Laird, Victoria Shields, and our professional singers will be leading worship for the livestream at 10:00 am this Sunday morning.

Spencer Reeves will use Zoom to stream and record services, so that anyone with a computer or a phone will be able access worship.

Peace and love to you, 
Carol Howard Merritt

Here are the instructions on how to sign in on your computer or phone in to listen.

You can access our digital worship broadcast in a variety of ways.  You can use a computer (Mac or PC), or an iPhone/iPad.  If you use these methods, you will be able to see video and hear audio.  You can also choose an audio-only version of our worship service, by dialing a number with your telephone.
We use software called “Zoom” to broadcast our worship service.  Zoom is free to download, and free for you to use.  You do NOT need to sign up for Zoom service in order to use the Zoom software and view the worship service.
Click the links below to watch videos on YouTube explaining how to get started with Zoom:On a Mac:
On a PC:

On an iPhone/iPad: 
If you are going to listen, audio-only, to the worship service, there are just two steps:
1.  Dial this number with your preferred phone: 1.646.558.8656
2.  When prompted, enter the Meeting ID: 580 531 282
You can also get additional help by consulting the Zoom website at
Helpful tips:Zoom uses something called a “Meeting ID” to identify broadcasts.  The meeting ID for our Sunday worship services is, and will be: 580 531 282.  Once you have Zoom installed, all you need to remember/write down is this 9 digit number; you will use the same number every week.Don’t wait until 10:00am on Sunday morning to try to install Zoom on your computer or iPad/iPhone.  You can follow the instructions above now, and if you get to the stage that says “The meeting has not yet started,” you are all set!  You can then just do the same thing at 10:00 on Sunday, and you will be automatically connected!You can print out the bulletin for Sunday and follow along.  However, you can also use a “split screen” mode, only if you are using a computer, and see a bulletin AND a video feed of the service at the same time.  View this video to see how to set up this feature:
If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you can tap the box with the bulletin to see it, and then tap the video box again to return to the video, but you can not use the split screen feature mentioned in 3.  However, you can switch back and forth as often as you want.The worship service will sound best with good speakers.  If you do not have good speakers attached to your computer or device, try using headphones to improve the audio experience.While you can not speak on the video, you can type questions using the “chat” button at the bottom of the Zoom screen, once you are logged in.You can also install Zoom on a Google/Android device, but you will need to consult the Zoom website for instructions on how to do that.If you get stuck setting things up, contact your “digital deacon” Chris Tate.  Chris’s cell phone is 203.829.1336.  Note:  Chris will have limited ability to assist you on Saturday, and will not be able to assist you on Sunday morning, 3/15.  However, you can consult with him at any other time to get started with Zoom.
Click here to view the bulletin

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