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Kick-off to a Week of Earth Care!  We know how important it is to take care of the planet but when we hear from experts that the planet’s increasing heat, deforestation and gas emissions are primary drivers for the change and the impact it is having on all living things, it seems overwhelming. What can we do? We have one small but important idea!  Over the next several weeks, please go outside and do your part in keeping mother earth clean.

On April 24th, trash bags will be provided at the back of the church, and if a FPC NC t-shirt fits, wear it!  You, your family, and your friends can find any number of locations around the area, near the beach, in a park, on a hiking trail, or at the Nature Center. This takes an hour of your time. It is a great way to give the planet a gentle hug and let her know we have her back. Please be very careful if you are working on a busy street–pick a time of day with the least amount of traffic and wear a bright-colored hat, for example.

While you are out doing your part, take a picture and send to the church office or to Angela Johnson at We want to post photos of our church members helping in this very special way.  T-shirts and trash bags will be in the back of the church starting April 24th! Thank you – the earth needs us!

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