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Our HSYG and chaperones went on an amazing pilgrimage to Iona this summer to participate in the Iona Youth Festival.  We’ll be posting a day by day “report” with a few notes and photos from the experience – stay tuned!  

Iona Summer Pilgrimage Report – Day 8

Today was a long travel day.

We woke up at 5:30am for breakfast and loading the luggage onto bus so we didn’t have to drag our luggage 3/4 mile to the  ferry. Then we retraced our steps… Short ferry to bus on a very windy road…(hello Dramamine)… Long ferry to very long bus trip to Edinburgh. We were so tired upon arrival that we ate dinner at a noodle house at 4:45pm.

 Then we wandered the streets and watched the arts festival. Super cool. (See gold lady below).

Iona Day 8.2

We have left our beautiful island paradise for the excitement of the big city.

Iona Day 8.1

Tomorrow we have a full day in Edinburgh. We cannot wait to see where JlK Rowling wrote Harry Potter (kids) and St Giles where John Knox preached (me). We begin with a castle tour in the morning. For now we are relaxing at our hotel. Good night.

Blessings, Rev. Kibbie

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