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Our HSYG and chaperones went on an amazing pilgrimage to Iona this summer to participate in the Iona Youth Festival.  We’ll be posting a day by day “report” with a few notes and photos from the experience – stay tuned!  

Iona Summer Pilgrimage Report – Day 6

Today it rained. It was a day of umbrellas, rubber boots, and cold fingers.  Our kids continue to bond with other 15-18 year olds from Scotland, Canada, Sweden, Poland, and lovely group of fellow First Presbyterians from Jacksonville, Florida.

Day 6.1

In their clans the kids are discussing power, privilege, and being under privileged and how it makes a difference growing up. They led a powerful worship service tonight asking each one of us how we think we can be an agent of change for a better world.

The afternoon’s activity was The Olympics. Tonight was open microphone night. Tomorrow is our last full day on the island, and we will have afternoon tea, take group photos, and do a closing ceremony.

Day 6.2

The kids are great, and we have had a lovely week in an extraordinary place. Rev. George Macleod called Iona a “Thin Place” where there was but a thin gauze dividing heaven and earth, where people feel closer to God and to each other.  Iona is a spectacularly beautiful island. And I feel incredibly blessed to be here with this group of 18 pilgrims.

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