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Our HSYG and chaperones went on an amazing pilgrimage to Iona this summer to participate in the Iona Youth Festival.  We’ll be posting a day by day “report” with a few notes and photos from the experience – stay tuned!  

Iona Summer Pilgrimage Report – Day 3

Today was Sunday. We had a beautiful communion service in the Iona Abbey, wandered the gorgeous island, and began to know others from different groups. There has been little rain so far, except an on and off shower, but it is cool and windy. We are enjoying locally made bread, vegetarian soup, and lots of tea and biscuits. We are heading now to evening program and a quiet worship before bed.

Our kids are great! Happy, laughing, and already tightly bonded.

It is BEAUTIFUL here.

Iona Day 3.1

The grass is definitely greener and the sky is bluer and the sound of sheep “baa-ing” is enough to make us all stop with wonder and awe.


Good night! Rev. Kibbie

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