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In commitment to our mission, To Learn Continuously, we’re pleased to be introducing a new opportunity for FPCNC Congregational learning and fellowship… our FIRST WEDNESDAYS @ FIRST PRES. Congregational Supper and Storytelling program.  The first Wednesday of every month, faith family members of all ages will gather in the Common Room at 5:45pm for Breaking Bread: Sharing Life, a delicious and reasonably-priced meal catered by a local Fairfield Country restaurant.  The cost will be $15.00 per person for the catered meal.  If you’d like to attend, but would prefer not to have the catered meal, we will also be offering a pizza option – 2 slices for $5.00.

The meal will be followed immediately by our Storytelling session… Sharing our Stories as Part of God’s Greater Story.

Reservations and advance payment are required for Breaking Bread: Sharing Life.  Sign up in Bliss Hallway or click here to email Tina.

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