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downloadEleven youth at FPCNC have been working all year on the process of Confirmation –  a profession of faith that “seeks to provide youth with a foundational understanding of our faith, tradition and Presbyterian practices”.  (Source:

All confirmands are expected to attend church regularly, be active MSYG members, write a statement of faith and be examined by session, and go on our summer MSYG mission trip.

They are entering the final tasks towards this process:

 – Wed, May 4- Deadline to submit Faith statements. Faith statements are presented to the session on May 15 and to the congregation on May 22. They should reflect where our youth are on their faith journey, including questions/doubts, etc.  Confirmands are encouraged to be honest, using the discussions, classes and discernment of this past year to shape their statements.

 – Sun,May 15— Mandatory luncheon with FPC Session Members and presentation of faith statements.

 – Sun,May 22- Confirmation Breakfast (8:30am) and Confirmation Ceremony during 10am worship service.

Rev. Kibbie Laird says, “I love everything about confirmation–the way we bond as a family, the unanswerable questions, the way we find the kingdom of God in our midst by making sure everyone has a place in our group and no one is put down. By simply practicing unconditional love and inclusion, the kids cannot wait to be together. They don’t even know why, they just know that it is unlike any other place they go. Here they are welcomed, affirmed, and loved. It is awesome.”

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