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Rev. Dr. R. Scott Herr – An American in Paris Returns. Scott is joining the leadership of the church from his most recent post as the Senior Pastor of the American Church in Paris.  Scott was leading worship in Paris when the devastating Notre Dame fire broke out last year, and weathered other crises in the City of Light including the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the Bataclan massacre, the Giles Jeaunes demonstrations, massive strikes, and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic which brought the city to a historic standstill. Compassionate for those who suffer, he also believes there is an opportunity in every crisis.

Scott brings a wealth of experience from an outstanding international career with time spent in Japan, Mexico, China, Switzerland, and France in addition to his time serving in the US in Delaware, New Jersey, and Colorado. Exposure to a multitude of cultures and points of view has developed Scott’s world view and leadership style. He is looking forward to getting to know and serving the First Presbyterian Church and the larger New Canaan community.  His favorite quote is: “I am a weak man in the hands of a strong God.”

He met and was married to his wife Kim Harrison in Mexico City where she served in the diplomatic corps, and they are proud of their four children Daniel, Chris, Rebecca, and Matthew. Daniel graduated from Oxford University and is now a songwriter in Nashville; Chris is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College and pursuing a degree in Human Rights at University of Bath (UK); Rebecca is completing her Masters in Bio-Archeology and Forensic Anthropology at University College London; and last but not least, Matthew is beginning his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at University College London.

Scott has eclectic interests and loves walking and traveling with Kim, listening to and playing various genres of music, art, reading, movies, cycling, skiing, good food, and wine. He plays golf but admits his full set of clubs includes a chainsaw…

Scott’s arrival signals a new exciting chapter for First Pres New Canaan and he promises that it will continue to be a church that is “internally strong and externally focused.” First Pres is a strong community of faith supporting one another and our collective spirituality.  If there’s one thing the last year has taught us all, it’s that to continue to grow and thrive, we all desperately need to contribute to a strong, loving, growing, and hopeful community.

From its home base on Oenoke Ridge, the First Pres Church community represents a wide and diverse collection of ages, genders, backgrounds, religious affiliations, interests, opinions, and perspectives, all coming together with hope and gratitude to help create a kinder and more just world.  Firmly rooted in the Presbyterian faith and heritage of social justice, First Pres with Scott’s collaborative and equipping leadership is a welcoming faith family, called together by God, committed to service and change. 

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