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On Sunday, May 22nd, nine youth at FPCNC who have been working all year on the process of Confirmation –  a profession of faith that “seeks to provide youth with a foundational understanding of our faith, tradition and Presbyterian practices”.  (Source: – were officially confirmed as new members of our church.


(photo credit: Scott Beyer)

All Confirmands are expected to attend church regularly, be active MSYG members, write a statement of faith and be examined by session, and go on our summer MSYG mission trip.

One of the questions these youth were asked to reflect upon and answer was “Do you want to be confirmed?  Why do you want to be confirmed?  What does this rite of passage mean to you?”

“I want to be confirmed because it would mean I have a church family. I also want to become a member of this church because I have gone here my whole life. Being confirmed means that I would have a church family that loves and supports me.” – Alex Carlson

“I want to be confirmed because I have grown up in this church and have always loved being a part of the community. Now that I will finally be a member I am excited to finally feel like an adult in the church with the same rights and freedoms that every member has.” – Ben Dooley

“I want to be confirmed because I want to be a member of the church. I agree with the progressive social policies of the church. The Presbyterian Church accepts everyone and provides a safe, caring environment for all. I appreciate that the ministers are not thought of as God or closer to God. I appreciate the fact that the church believes that my relationship with God is personal. I can be just as close to God as anyone else. This rite of passage means that I will be able to continue my faith journey, continue to question, and live in the name of God.” – Max Gifford

“I want to be confirmed because I believe in God and that Jesus was God’s son sent to save humanity.  I hope to be a part of this church because it does wonderful things for the community.  This rite of passage, to me, means that I have been educated in my faith, and that I am now able to seek my own answers and make my own way in my faith journey.” – Charles Knight

“I want to be confirmed because then I can play a bigger role in the church and the Christian community. This rite of passage is another landmark in my journey of faith that I feel I want to achieve to further strengthen my relationship with God.” – Michelle Labadie

“I want to be confirmed so my faith journey with God will grow and become better and for my family….It means that I can be more connected with God and the rest of the church community.” – Liam McCarthy

“I want to be confirmed so I am able to continue my journey of faith.  This is special to me as I will become an official member of the church, and I am taking on an important commitment that I think I am ready for.” – Olivia Sheridan

“I want to be confirmed to reinstate the promise my parents made when I was baptized. I want to be confirmed to continue my faith journey as an adult of the church. I believed this rite of passage means that we are promising God that we want to continue our journey of faith and want to follow his word. ” – Julia Sulkowski

“My relationship with God is still growing over time. I am still figuring out exactly what I believe.  I want to be confirmed into this Church because I want to be part of a church community. ” – Eva Spangler

We welcome these new members to our church, and pray for their work on the MSYG Mission Trip to Union Beach, NJ this summer to repair and rebuild neighborhoods damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

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