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Thank you to everyone for their donations to our sanctuary Christmas decorations by purchasing a poinsettia.

Christmas Flowers

In Loving Memory Of

Their parents Stephen & Madeleine Benko, and Donald & Pearleen Baer by Steve and Sue Benko

James M. Bridgman by his family

Her son, Scott Weston Kiernan by Kay Kiernan Brix

Robert Brownley by Anne and family

Their parents by Peg and Sherman Bull

Roger E. Clark by Kate, the kids, and grandkids

Andrew M. Clarkson by his family

Her parents, Bill & Sally Earl, and Chuck’s daughter Melora Cooper by Margaret Cooper

Darren Dionne by Special Church

Their parents, Carl & Frieda Nolte, and Jim & Bunny Otto by Len and Cindy Graziano

Chuck Gulden, Alan Wentzel, and loved ones by the Gulden/Wentzel family

Bill Hart by the Swan-Hart family

In loving honor of our parents by Kim and Scott Herr

Gordon & Marilyn Jones by the Holden family

George Hooker by his family

John W. James Sr. by Loretta James and family

Their parents, James & Phyllis Russell and Reginald & Noreen Martin by Linda and Paul Martin

George H. Megrue and Kevin S. Megrue by the Suzanne Megrue

Helen & Louis Dahle, Julia vdV. & James H. Riehl, Sr., Dominique Schieck & David M. Kispert by the Riehl family

Kathryn & Charles Cunningham by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Robert Schneider by his family

Her husband, Peter Schurman, and her brother, Don Calhoun by Judy Schurman

Her parents, Margret & William Marple by Mary Marple Thies, and his mother, Eleanor Kamphoefner by Armin Thies

Craig B. Tate, William F. & Hazel S. Graham, Richard & Elizabeth Krebs, and John & Evelyn Tate by the Tate family

Annunziata & Giuseppe Colella, Evelyn & Alfred Kastrup and Estela & Atenógenes Villarreal by the families of Lynne & Homero Villarreal, Alissa & Lorenzo Colella, Cameron & Kevin Trapp, and Ana Villarreal

Ronald Watkins by his family

Robert Witt by his family

In thanksgiving for our new church home and family, looking forward to making music with you in your beautiful sanctuary by the Flanagan family

In celebration of our parents and grandparents, Maxine & Tracey Mackle by Julie, Michael, Spencer, Kate and Vivi Reeves

In gratitude for Rev. Scott, Rev. Mary, and our church family at First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan by the Reeves

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