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Cents-Ability logoWe are pleased to participate in Cents-Ability here at First Presbyterian Church New Canaan. Our total collection since we began Cents-ability at our church in November 2011 is $18,263. Thank you for your awareness and generous response to hunger. If you would like more information on Cents-ability or are in need of a Cents-ability cup, please see Robin Lewis. Remember to fill up your Cents-ability cup ‘til it runneth over!Our next collection is January 7th.

What is Cents-Ability?  Read below from

Cents-Ability is a small first step in the battle against hunger and poverty. Congregations invite every member — of all ages — to contribute a few cents at every meal. This simple act is an expression of thanks for what we have received. It is also a commitment to share with others in response to Jesus’ command “You give them something to eat.” When members bring their offerings to church on the appointed Sunday, all of those coins “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” as they are received and dedicated.

These small acts of faithfulness can add up: One hundred persons in a congregation will contribute $180 a month at two cents a meal. That’s $2,160 dollars a year. A 30,000-member presbytery has the potential of raising over $1.6 million annually at a nickle a meal.

Cents-Ability originated in 1976 as “Two-Cents-A-Meal,” a project begun by Presbyterian Women to involve individuals and families in a corporate response to world hunger. Over the years, presbyteries have developed similar programs entitled Pennies for Hunger, Nickle-A-Meal, etc. Many of these programs benefit local hunger ministries as well as the national and international projects of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. (PHP).

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