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Buildings & Grounds Although many of us have spent at least part of the summer elsewhere, the buildings and grounds crews have been hard at work this season. Some of our efforts may go unobserved, but one in particular will be highly visible! Longtime members may recognize the “new” paint color currently being applied by our fantastic crew from KP Painting. After careful and in-depth review and consideration by our design team, we are honoring the original intent of the sanctuary architect, Philip Ives, by returning the exterior woodwork to its original rich, dark, natural “stain.” Ives intended the sanctuary to be an expression of the natural state of the materials employed and, to that end, used dark stained redwood for the exterior woodwork. The dark stain also renders a palette more in line with the modern, dramatic, and angular design of our sanctuary. Take a look at the dark stained wooden cross on the chancel, and you will understand how Ives gave critical consideration to the use of natural material and how all elements in his design interrelated. The building and grounds team views this decision as an expression of our dedication to First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan’s original and ongoing mission to be bold and steadfast in our beliefs and our intent to make a positive difference in our world. The return to the original, more natural finish may be a shock for some, but we hope the improvement to the building will be welcomed by all and that, on Homecoming Sunday, September 9, we all can                    celebrate the upgrade together!

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