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Parent Chaperone Bob LaBadie spoke at our annual Shareholder’s Luncheon on Nov. 13th, where the youth and adults who participated in our Summer 2016 Summer Mission Trips shared about their experiences.

Hello everyone, I’m Bob LaBadie.


Let me first start by thanking all of the shareholders, parents, my counterpart chaperones and Kibbie, as it takes a village to support and make these fabulous events possible.

This was my second time that I’ve chaperoned and actively participated in the Union Beach mission trip.  I’ve highly enjoyed doing them as it aligns with my philosophy of actively giving back to communities as our family yearly participates at the Covent House in Stamford and I’ve organized/participated in 6 years of United Way Day of Caring events for my colleagues at work in our CT and PA offices as part of corporate team building exercises.

I’m so very proud and supportive of our kids for doing this type of hands on mission work/trip.  Our youth group always seems to be the youngest group there but they always blow away the other groups there by their eagerness, can do attitude, cooperation, maturity, inclusiveness, and fierce competitiveness.  A perfect example is that our entire group (not just a couple) played knockout nightly, either just our group if none of the other groups were there or with whoever wanted to join in from the other groups or vice versa if the other groups got back first.  Remember, although our youths were the youngest, they won often and the other high school groups often would root them on by name as they interacted and imprinted on the others.

Operationally, we clearly cannot do these trips without the assistance of parents;  so if others are considering going during the coming years, I would very highly recommend this experience.  Yes, it would be great if you could commit to the entire week, but if you feel that it is all or nothing and you don’t have the time, then we the 2016 mission trip chaperones are a perfect example of being able to make it work efficiently and effectively even though you can only be there for half the week as the four of us each did.

I’d be happy to chat 1:1 if you have further questions.  Thank you all again so much for your support.

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