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Please attend our Ash Wednesday service at 5 pm, via LocalLive.  We will enter into the holy season of Lent through worship.

If you have not already had the opportunity to pick up ashes for tonight’s service, there will be a box of “ashes to go” outside of the sanctuary from 10 am for you to stop by and pick them up. There will also be bags and instructions for the Lenten food drive, as well as devotionals available.
Additionally, keep in mind that starting this Sunday one of our congregational Lenten spiritual practices will be to dedicate a portion of time at the end of the coffee hour (starting at 11:30) to discuss the scriptures of the day and how it ties into a spiritual practice. This will coincide with children’s education and is an opportunity for those of all ages to walk with the Word of God this Lent.
Finally, remember that sign-ups are open to reserve time in the sanctuary for private prayer/ labyrinth time. Labyrinths are an ancient meditation tool that Christians have used for millennia as an opportunity to pray through movement on a winding walk towards the center.

You must sign up for a slot by contacting Tina at and observe COVID-19 protocols at all times in the building. There will be a host in the Narthex to welcome you during these times.

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