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Great Scots & Presbyterians Alike!

 Scottish Pipers

Some of you have Scots’ blood within you, and are proud of it! All of us, through our affiliation with this church, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA, are part of a faith heritage that wound its way to these shores via Scotland. John Knox, the Scottish Reformer, was a refugee in Geneva from 1554 – 1559 where he studied with and learned from John Calvin, the founder of Presbyterianism. Knox returned to Scotland and founded the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Presbyterians were among the very first settlers in colonial America, many of them Scottish and Scots-Irish Presbyterians.

So join us for our 43rd annual Scottish Sunday worship and celebration. The Mt. Kisco pipes and drums will get our feet moving to “Highland Cathedral” and stir our hearts with “Amazing Grace.” Following worship the pipes will lead us on to the back lawn for the Ceilidh complete with Scottish songs and dancing and homemade shortbread. Then all are invited to stay for a pot-luck lunch: try some haggis (or not), bring something to share (plenty of non-haggis options) based on the first letter of your last name:

    • A-E bring cold cuts
    • F-J bring sliced bread and cheese
    • K-N bring salads (green, pasta, cole slaw, potato salad)
    • O-R bring fruit or dessert
    • S-V bring appetizers
    • W-Z bring condiments (mayo, mustard, pickles)

The FPCNC Scottish Committee will provide wine, Scottish beer and soft drinks. A wee donation is much appreciated to defray our costs (we must pay the piper after all). Monies leftover will be donated to the Deacons Fund and the 2016 Iona Trip.

The wearing of the tartan is encouraged but optional!

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