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The 30 Hour Famine is one of our BIGGEST and longest standing youth traditions at FPC for our MSYG and HSYG youth groups. If you wish to participate fully, start your fast after dinner on Friday…. and only drink water until Sunday lunch. If you are active in sports or simply cannot complete the fast, please be mindful of what you eat all weekend and come to our food drives to help others in NC and around the world.  While you are fasting, we have some incredible experiences of service to the hungry to help you stay focused on this important issue!

Here was the itinerary for 2017:

Friday night – Join us for F-U-N and fellowship at Skyzone Norwalk. Ready to get your glow on? We will eat pizza for dinner (the Last Supper) and then we fast. Please bring $20 cash to cover the cost of fun and dinner.

Saturday 10am-12pm, 12noon-1pm, 1-4pm–Come for one, come for all. Our Day of Faithful Service! 

10 am-12noon-Supermarket Sweeps-meet at Acme grocery store. Each team gets $100 and a list of what is needed for the NC Food Pantry. Go!

12 noon-1pm Cooking for Domus in the FPC kitchen, it’s taco night! come cook, prep, and bake!  2 mom/dad chefs needed to help Kibbie at the stove!

1pm-3pm-Shop at Target for Domus-buy 10 HS boys winter coats, hats, boots, etc —–Drivers Needed

3pm-4pm Delivery to Domus and return home

Sunday morning 10am-12noon–Filling in the Blanks Stuffing Bonanza- 10am-12pm at their new location 346 Main Ave Suite 3A, Norwalk, CT 06851–meet there at 10am or meet at church at 9:30am. Drivers needed!

Why are we starving for 30 hours? To remember that there are children and youth right here in Fairfield County who are food insecure.

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