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It is the tradition of the First Presbyterian Church to add something during The Lenten season rather than take away something. Over the past several years, we have added items needed by the New Canaan Food Pantry into our carts as we do our grocery shopping during Lent.  We fill the back of the sanctuary with our donated groceries until on Palm Sunday (April 9) we deliver the bags to the NC Food Pantry.

Grocery bags with an attached list of items needed will be distributed beginning Ash Wednesday (March 1) and available every Sunday during Lent.

The items needed are canned fruit (except pineapple), dried fruit, honey, canned pasta, side dishes (instant potatoes, rice and pasta), tea (regular, decaf and herbal – no green tea), nuts, salad dressings and Kleenex.

Many people remember the NC Food Pantry around the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Donations drop in the spring and summer. Please think of our New Canaan neighbors in need as you go grocery shopping during Lent and throughout the year.

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